I love vintage stuff but I’m so glad I can enjoy them in the 21st century with my iphone, wifi and slightly more human rights 

somebody gets it.

In the scene where Sean starts talking about his dead wife and her farting antics the lines were ad-libbed by Robin Williams, which is why Matt Damon is laughing so hard. The scene took everyone by surprise. According to Damon in the DVD commentary, this caused the cameraman to laugh so hard that the camera can be seen moving up and down slightly.

Robin Williams made everybody happy, but himself.


Dead Poets Society [Peter Weir, 1989]



"I don’t love him but he’s here and you aren’t"

This hit me like a fucking train

Tenemos la tendencia a desahogar nuestra ira con quien no tiene nada que ver, y perdonar al que nos hirió.

Me gustan las relaciones que no son sólo amor, besos y palabras lindas si no que también sean risas, juegos, idioteces y sobrenombres… esas donde hay amistad, donde uno se siente un niño otra vez sin parar de sonreír al saber que verá a la persona que la hace sentirse mejor.


Landscapes, 2014 by Anthony Samaniego

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this is what I want. Us, going on a road trip, sleeping in our car and cheap motels, eating cereal for dinner and ihop for breakfast and granola bars for lunch. Fighting over the radio stations and talking about old memories of when we were young and when we first met and how we fell in love


You touched the darkest part of my soul and lit it up. What once was lost is now found and I’m glad to have you by my side.